Pemberley Vander Linden Counseling

I am Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of Washington, license number LF60267695.


& training

I have a Master of Arts degree from Antioch University in Psychology with an emphasis in Child, Couple and Family Therapy (2009). My Bachelor of Science is from Eastern Washington University in Applied Developmental Psychology (2004).

As part of my graduate studies, I completed a year and half long internship helping families, couples and individuals. Since 2010 I have been employed with a local community mental health agency providing counseling services for individuals and families.

I have undertaken additional post graduate education in the clinical treatment of Internalized Oppression, Acceptance and Commitment Psychotherapy (ACT), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I continue to participate in professional development and learn new evidenced based practices.

​I believe most human problems stem from feelings of isolation, fear, and shame. It is through connection—being truly seen and heard—that we are able to grow away from places of profound hurt.

I also believe that each and everyone one of us are born good, but over time our experiences have taught us to mistrust our innate goodness. ​Counseling is a process of reclaiming our awareness that we are inherently good and reaching beyond isolation.

My counseling style is to listen to your story and make connections between reoccurring patterns. My theoretical orientation is rooted in systems therapy, attachment theory, and object relations. I take into consideration the complexities of our relationships to our earliest memories, families, self, and the world around us. I pay particular attention to the impact of your unique cultural background and the intersection of these experiences. 

approach to therapy

Everyone deserves to be truly seen and heard. I look forward to supporting you.