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It is my belief that most human problems stem from doubting in our innate goodness. We can feel like we will never be able to measure up, that we are disconnected from the people in our lives, and over time, this may lead to feeling unhappy, anxious, and disconnected from the people in our lives. We may question if we are ever good enough or feel like if people really knew us they would run for the hills. 

In individual appointments, we will work together to develop a safe place where we can examine what has set up you up to doubt yourself while we move towards achieving your goals.

Families face unique challenges, as your family is constantly evolving. Parenting is hard work and is jumbled with balancing multiple responsibilities--providing for the family, raising children, and one's own needs. Growing up is equally hard work as children try to figure out who they are as their needs shift to greater independence. When external pressures and life events are added in, families are asked to step up to an enormous task.

My work with families creates a safe space for each family member to share needs and desires, improve communication and reduce conflict.

When our most intimate relationships are the source of stress, life can become very difficult. 

Couples have a history containing both happiness and disappointments. The naturally occurring hurts, let downs and frustrations can make us forget the reasons we committed to the relationship in the first place. I will work with both of you to create a safe place where you can rediscover the reasons you connected and help you address how to build on your strengths to enrich your relationship. 

My fee per 55 minute session is $110.

​Payment arrangements can be made for clients who

demonstrate financial need. Credit/debit cards are accepted.

I am a paneled provider with the

following insurance companies/plans:



First Choice Network

First Choice EAP  

Group Health- Options & Access Plans


Regence  (WA)

​United Healthcare / Optum Behavioral Health

Apple Health- CPHW & Amerigroup

relationship issues



I have over 7 years experience, and I can help you
and your family with a variety of concerns, including:
chronic illness disability​
​trauma & ptsd

couples counseling

fees & accepted insurance plans

I welcome all clients to my practice, including LGBTQ clients. 
​I am lifestyle friendly for those in the kink and poly communities.

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Helpful questions to ask your insurance provider:

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For your convenience, here are forms we will review during our first appointment. It is optional for you to fill these out before hand.

Counselor Disclosure & Office Policies            Intake Form  

HIPPA & Privacy Practices                     

During our first appointment we will start to become acquainted. You are encouraged to say as much or as little about what brings you to therapy, after all we are just getting to know each other! 

I will provide you with a brief assessment of what I would focus on in future appointments. As always I welcome your feedback and questions. ​​​

what to expect at your first appointment

I welcome your call at 206.473.9838. 
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​​sexual orientation

I have particular insight into how disability and chronic health issues can effect our mental wellness and sense of self. It can be challenging to have your pain or discomfort be minimized or not understood by the people around you. It can also be exhausting to work with medical providers to arrive at a diagnosis when there are complex health issues occurring. 

If lifestyle change is needed to increase your health and wellness, a supportive person can be very helpful as you adjust old habits and create a new pathway of health. Together we will explore what health means to you and develop a supportive plan to reach your wellness goals.